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Finding a new property is an adventure in a new story. Make sure yours is in the proper setting. You can only get the best from life when you know what you want. Follow these five tips, and you’ll not only know the right neighborhood for you, but you’ll also have what you need to make it your reality. The time is here, and opportunity awaits.

Get to know the neighborhoods – move to the right location for your daily life. You can get closer to your hobbies or settle into a street full of great neighbors. Find yourself amongst nature with all the amenities of the city. Find a convenient location for commuting or where you can escape from the city's busy life. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you need to know what the neighborhoods offer before you do anything else.

The neighborhoods


Surrounded by nature, Lafayette provides easy access to the great outdoors. It’s still close to Oakland and a quick BART ride to Berkeley or San Francisco. Lafayette’s downtown is busy and continues developing new eateries and entertainment. The city boasts several community events and loves getting its neighbors active through community sports.


Orinda is just outside Oakland, but there’s no need to take the short ride with the city’s bustling downtown. Despite its urban amenities, it’s an oasis of nature. Deer roam into large backyards, attracted to the peace and quiet of the neighborhoods. The climate’s a little warmer, allowing pools in the yards, and according to Forbes, Orinda is considered one of the friendliest cities in America.


Moraga has beautiful new homes on manicured streets. You can count on a quiet, involved community, closely knitted together. The high value of Moraga estates makes them a keen investment. It's a little retreat from the noise and rush of urban life – covered in nature with canyon access for morning walks and evening runs.

Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek uniquely combines urban life with suburban appeal. You’ll find everything you need from an urban hub while nestled into suburban streets. There’s a woodsy feel, being so close to the mountain and spread out from your neighbors. Enjoy room to breathe and BART access to boot. It’s a city with everything.


Alamo is the place to go for a sprawling property set in a picturesque nature scene. You’ll feel as if you’ve escaped from the city to the rustic charm of country life. It’s a peaceful town with great people and a convenient location near Walnut Creek and Danville.


Danville is not the small town it used to be, but the charm’s still all there. The city blew up for a good reason, and it’s more than a solid investment opportunity. Danville offers delicious restaurants, great shopping, and a cornucopia of golf courses. Hikes and trails crisscross Danville’s borders, steeped in nature. Cyclists enjoy a map full of bike lanes, and drivers are conscious of their movements. Despite being so close to Mt. Diablo and immersed in wildlife, Danville is an incredibly walkable city. No need to drive to your morning coffee in this not-so-little town.

Spend time in different neighborhoods

You won’t truly know how you fit into a neighborhood until you put yourself in that space. Go out and explore the different areas. Make it a fun adventure. This is about where you will spend a large portion of your time. Make sure it’s where you want to end up. There’s a lot more to a neighborhood than google maps and other websites will tell you – things you’ll only experience through your exploration.

So walk the streets, ride the BART, experience the traffic, and don’t forget to peep at the architecture. If you have a dream style, you may find only certain areas offer those kinds of houses. So go to lunch, breakfast, or dinner around town, and find the right place to move.

Distance to Mt. Diablo

Mount Diablo has beautiful trails, peaceful wildlife, and various sporting activities. It also changes the climate of a city. Moving closer to the mountain provides you with warmer days with less rain and wind. While living further out can offer you cooler summers and the reprieve of the breezes from the bay. Think not just about whether or not you want easier access to Diablo's litany of activities but also about what climate speaks to you most. You can change many things about where you live, but the weather isn’t one of them. Decide ahead of time the kind of days you want to see out your window.

Alamo Oaks and Walnut Creek are closest to the mountain’s base, while nestled between Diablo and Chabot Regional Park in Danville. Access to nature is plentiful in most neighborhoods. You have to decide what kind of nature speaks to you the most. Do you prefer the canyons or the mountains, nature parks or camping grounds?

Urban, suburban, or remote

It’s time to pick your setting, and you get to decide how far away you want to escape. You get to paint the number of urban amenities you want at your fingertips. It’s up to you to decide if suburban life’s sublime. Every location offers new opportunities for your happiness. Think about how quiet you want your streets, how far you want your grocery store, and how connected you want to be with nature.

Orinda is a gem of natural splendors, a short distance outside of Oakland and with its bustling downtown. Walnut Creek is close to the mountain, covered in greenery, and a shopping destination with great food. In comparison, Moraga is the ideal suburban home. A city manicured to the picture-perfect image. Driving the driveways of Moraga estates is like walking through a Hallmark film. Of course, those movies love most the charm of a rural small town like Alamo, While Danville is the suburban town hidden between a mountain and a nature park.

It’s all about your investment

There’s no forgetting you're investing a lot of money in this property of yours. This is more than a place you’ll live in; it’s an opportunity to watch your money grow. Passive income starts somewhere, and sure you’ll work to pay your mortgage, but the right property will increase in value without you doing anything. Some properties may see gains in a few months.

At the same time, financial matters require realism. Over-investing may mean selling too soon. So, consider where you can get the things you need, as well as the places offering the highest returns. It’s a balancing act, and when you get it right, the rewards will be grand.

A quality real estate agent will help you navigate these complicated decisions. While your budget is best discussed with your broker, your agent will provide insight into investment potential and what your money can get you. Kelly Crawford knows real estate in Moraga, CA, best. He will help you find the perfect home in the right neighborhood for you. Let his experience and expertise bring ease to your shopping, and contact Kelly today.

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