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You have arrived at one of the most exhilarating moments in a lifetime: The ability–and desire–to purchase a home. You might have begun scouring any one of the apps out there to start getting a better handle on the architectural styles that speak to you, or have started spending your weekends driving throughout the San Francisco East Bay and eyeing the gorgeous Moraga homes for sale just past the Caldecott Tunnel.

Whatever your circumstances may be, it is challenging to definitively say what you want in a home without truly examining the question from several perspectives. And with all of the information that is stirring around the internet and dinner party conversations, deciding what’s genuinely essential to you can be confusing and even dizzying.

With this in mind,  acclaimed real estate agent Kelly Crawford has put this quiz together to assist you. Answer with candor and keep a list by your side, as your notes will help your realtor considerably.

Do you – or will you – have school-aged children?

When you are young, footloose, and fancy-free, the importance of living in a solid school district may not be on your radar whatsoever. But if you have children, are planning to, or just might–you never know where life will take you–purchasing a home near terrific schools isn’t just vital to your children’s well-being: It is also critical in ensuring your home appreciates well. Indeed, purchasing a home in a good school district can add up to $57,000 to the value of your home. If you’re exploring homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, for example, the small, tony enclave of Moraga–a verdant, gorgeous hamlet located above Lafayette–is home to several outstanding schools. Its tranquil environment is also the perfect salve for busy parents–and yet San Francisco and its arts and culture opportunities are a mere 20 minutes away on BART.

Are you a city person – or do you prefer the quiet of the suburbs?

There is no wrong answer here–or with any of the questions posed in this quiz. But answering this honestly can bring you closer to the home that will deliver you happiness year after year. Some people are naturally drawn to the perpetual vibrancy of large cities; others prefer the softer sounds of nature and feel more at ease in residential areas that have more trees than concrete. And others still want to live on a street or in an area that bounds with natural landscapes but is located within or near a thriving city. Once you have narrowed down your search to a certain state or area–and if it is at all possible–spend time near the action and also in its remotest parts. Oftentimes, it is your nervous system that will speak the clearest truth.

What is your ideal square footage?

If a real estate agent asks you, you may immediately say you are looking for a three-bedroom home. This is “safe” and appropriate in several circumstances. For home buyers who have children, three bedrooms allow a family to have both space and closeness. If you are purchasing your home for just you and your partner, or your children have grown and flown, three bedrooms also work, allowing you and your significant other to have your own at-home office, or set up a guest room for your best friends and relatives.

What if these bedrooms are exceedingly small or monstrously large–far too intimate to make your family feel comfortable or lacking that intimacy you crave? A better bet is to note the amount of square footage that would suit you best. Keep in mind, too, that spacious patios and balconies can add square footage to a home–and can be enjoyed all year long in temperate, Mediterranean climates like Moraga and its sister enclaves.

What is the single most fundamental wish you have for your new home?

We all have a long laundry list of the facets we want in a home, and it can include everything–and we really mean everything here–from a spa-grade master bathroom to floor-to-ceiling windows and from lofty, open-beam ceilings to a large, pristine yard. It is more than possible to find a home that possesses all of your desires, but oftentimes a home buyer has a singular trait they cannot live without in a home. For some, this may be scenic views. For others, it means copious storage space or a grand chef’s kitchen equipped with high-end, beautiful appliances. And for others still, it means an expansive garage that could do double-duty as a showroom for their collection of vintage, perfectly-restored cars. Think about this hard, and make this your non-negotiable when searching for homes.

How long will you be staying in your home?

It’s rather romantic to believe that the first home you buy will be your forever home–and will stay in your family for generations. Life, however, may have other plans for you. A job relocation, a new relationship, a family that needs you across the nation—countless factors may impact how long you will stay in your home. And yet, going into the purchase with a general idea of how long you wish you will stay in your home can help you narrow your search substantially. Why? If you will be in your home for some time, you will have time to make key renovations to bring it exactly to your liking. If you are buying the home as an investment and will only be in it for a year or two, you will be less attached to the home’s attributes, which will give you more liberty when making a decision.

Above all? Know yourself—and be firm on what immediately feels right to you. If your new home will be your place of residence for the foreseeable future, understand that finding the perfect one is akin to falling in love. You know when you know–and it sometimes has less to do with what you thought you wanted and the energy the home possesses. Just be sure that one non-negotiable is met.

Kelly Crawford can help take you there. With vast experience in Moraga real estate, he has helped innumerable people realize their goals. Allow him to steer you towards the home that resonates with you on every level.


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